Meet Linda from Linda Grant Photography

Linda from Linda Grant Photography is second from the left. On the outer sides are her two beautiful daughters, and to her left, her handsome husband.

Welcome to Linda Grant Photography!
Who is that Person Behind the Camera you ask?

Hi, I’m Linda Grant! I am a photographer who currently resides in Uxbridge, MA with my husband – Chris, daughter – Megan, and our dog, Daisy. My older daughter, Lindsey, lives in North Carolina. Family is, and always will be, my first love with photography being my second. My style is just a mix of traditional and lifestyle photography.

Some see photography as a job or a hobby; I see photography as a way of taking a single, precious moment, that might otherwise be forgotten, and capturing it for a lifetime. So many people believe photography isn’t a necessity, but once someone close to them passes, they wish they had more portraits of that person.

I say this because I’ve experienced it firsthand. My dad lost both of his parents 30+ years ago and when I asked him if he had pictures of them because I wanted to put together a Christmas present, he handed me three 2″x2″ photos. I was almost in tears at the fact that THIS was all he had left of his parents it was absolutely heartbreaking.

My goal as a photographer is to do what I can to ensure that families have artwork and heirloom keepsakes to help families cherish their most precious moments forever.

Fun Facts:

  • I was born and raised in Massachusetts but moved to North Carolina with my family in 2004. We moved back in December 2012.
  • My favorite season is Fall, there’s nothing like Fall in New England.
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • I’m a daddy’s girl through and through.
  • I will photograph anything. I’ve photographed everything from pets to firefighters for a calendar and even a toad for a photography project.

Competition Winnings, Placings, and Magazine Publications:

  • In 2012, at the last minute, I submitted a portrait of a Firefighter, taken for a remembrance section of their calendar, to the Canon 75th Anniversary photo contest and won Third Place.
  • Said Toad I talked about in the bullet point above, I named him George. I submitted the photo to the North Carolina Wildlife Photo Competition in 2010 and he won first place in the Reptile/Amphibian category! You can see George in the Magazine Announcement, on page 12 here.

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