Free High School Senior Cap and Gown Session

Linda Grant Photography is known for showcasing High School Seniors as they are, and capturing them in unique settings which will create eye catching images that your friends and family will LOVE.

As a way to give back to our community, we want to give you a Cap and Gown photo session to celebrate this important achievement!

As always we will have fun and work to create a cap and gown image for you to remember this important milestone.

Each High School Senior will receive one free digital photo from the session.

The session details are listed below.

If you are able to attend, you MUST fill out the below form to be added to the list so we know how many people will be attending.

DATE: June 26
TIME: 5:30PM
LOCATION: Uxbridge Youth Soccer Fields at Uxbridge Community Gardens, 320 Sutton Street, Uxbridge

Additional photos are available for an additional cost.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I hope to see you all there!

Thank you!