Lending a Helping Hand…

July 18, 2014 0 Comments

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When there is a tragedy that hits close to home, what does everyone want to do?  They want to help.  I know we’ve been trying to think of a way that we can help the families of the lost firefighters.  Unfortunately, we are limited on what we can do.  No amount of kind words or time is going to take away their pain.  Not only the pain of their immediate families, but of their fellow brothers and sisters within the 1st Responder Community. So how can we help?

This morning the perfect idea came to me after reading a post from a fellow photographer and Boston Firefighter…. Wednesday night, we created a print with the Firefighter Prayer and shared it on Facebook.  Given the amount of reach the photo has received, we’ve decided to offer the print for sale on our Etsy store and 100% of the profits will be sent to the Lieutenant Walsh-Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund.  You can find the photo here:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/184228428/a-firefighters-prayer-photo-by-linda?

If you would prefer to make a cash donation on your own, please do so by clicking here:  https://www.bosfirecu.com/

Thank you..